Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Manufacturer Part No: CL05A475MQ5NRNC
Product Type: Ceramic Capacitor, Capacitor
Product Series: CL Series
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Product Attributes

Category Ceramic Capacitors
Mfr Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Series CL
Package Tape & Reel (TR)
Product Status Active
Capacitance 4.7 µF
Tolerance ±20%
Voltage – Rated 6.3V
Temperature Coefficient X5R
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 85°C
Applications General Purpose
Mounting Type Surface Mount, MLCC
Package / Case 0402(1005 Metric)
Size / Dimension 0.039″ L x 0.020″ W (1.00mm x 0.50mm)
Thickness (Max) 0.022″ (0.55mm)

Environmental & Export Classifications

RoHS Status ROHS3 Compliant
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1 (Unlimited)
REACH Status REACH Unaffected
HTSUS 8532.24.0020

Learn More:

The CL05A475MQ5NRNC is a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) manufactured by SAMSUNG. It is a surface-mount capacitor with a capacitance of 4.7µF, a voltage rating of 6.3V, and a tolerance of ±20%. This capacitor is part of the CL series, known for its high quality and reliability in various electronic applications.

Key Features:

  1. High Capacitance: With a capacitance of 4.7µF, the CL05A475MQ5NRNC provides sufficient capacitance for various filtering and decoupling applications.
  2. Voltage Rating: The capacitor has a voltage rating of 6.3V, making it suitable for use in low to medium voltage circuits.
  3. Small Size: As a surface-mount capacitor, the CL05A475MQ5NRNC is compact and suitable for use in space-constrained applications.
  4. High Reliability: SAMSUNG capacitors are known for their high reliability, ensuring stable performance over time.
  5. Wide Temperature Range: The CL05A475MQ5NRNC is designed to operate effectively over a wide temperature range, making it suitable for use in various environments.


  1. Consumer Electronics: The CL05A475MQ5NRNC is commonly used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras for decoupling and filtering applications.
  2. Industrial Electronics: It is also used in industrial electronics for power supply filtering, signal coupling, and noise suppression.
  3. Automotive Electronics: Due to its compact size and reliability, the capacitor is used in automotive electronics for various applications including engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety systems.
  4. Telecommunications: The CL05A475MQ5NRNC is used in telecommunications equipment for filtering and signal conditioning.
  5. Power Supplies: In power supply circuits, the capacitor can be used for smoothing out voltage fluctuations and ensuring stable power delivery.

Overall, the CL05A475MQ5NRNC is a versatile and reliable capacitor suitable for a wide range of electronic applications.


What is MLCC?

The Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) is an electronic component that belongs to the family of ceramic capacitors. It is used for storing and releasing electrical energy in electronic circuits. MLCCs are constructed by layering ceramic materials, usually barium titanate, with metal electrodes. The layers are stacked together, and the entire structure is then encased in a protective outer layer.

MLCCs are known for their compact size, high capacitance, and low equivalent series resistance (ESR). They find widespread use in electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, power supplies, and many other electronic circuits. Their small size makes them particularly suitable for applications where space is limited.

The capacitance value of MLCCs can vary, ranging from picofarads (pF) to microfarads (μF), and they are available in different voltage ratings to suit various applications. These capacitors play a crucial role in smoothing power supplies, filtering signals, and providing decoupling in electronic circuits.

What is MLCC used for?

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) are widely used in electronic devices and circuits for various purposes. Some common applications include:

Decoupling and Filtering: MLCCs are often used for decoupling and filtering in power supply circuits. They help reduce noise and provide stable voltage to sensitive components.

Coupling and Bypassing: MLCCs can be used for coupling and bypassing signals in audio and RF (radio frequency) circuits. They facilitate the transfer of AC signals while blocking DC components.

Timing Components: In some cases, MLCCs are used as timing components in oscillators and filters due to their capacitance values.

Energy Storage: MLCCs serve as energy storage devices, storing and releasing electrical energy as needed in electronic circuits.

Snubber Networks: MLCCs are used in snubber networks to suppress voltage spikes and transients in power circuits.

Electronic Modules and PCBs: MLCCs are integrated into electronic modules and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to support various functions, including power distribution and signal conditioning.

Consumer Electronics: MLCCs are found in a wide range of consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and audio devices.

Automotive Electronics: MLCCs are used in automotive applications for various purposes, including engine control units, safety systems, and infotainment systems.

Telecommunications Equipment: MLCCs play a crucial role in telecommunications equipment, supporting functions like signal processing and data transmission.

Industrial Electronics: MLCCs are used in industrial settings for applications like motor drives, power inverters, and control systems.

Due to their small size, high capacitance values, and low equivalent series resistance (ESR), MLCCs are preferred in applications where space constraints are critical, and reliable performance is essential.

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